House in the Springs

This addition to a modest prefabricated house tripled the size of the original structure. Formerly at the center of the site, the house was moved to the north and rotated to a right angle relative to its original position, thus defining one side of the new L-shaped entry court. The width of the original house established a module for the new construction—three squares in plan, three cubes in section. Above the common family areas, two of the cubes frame a central space with an open deck, a hot tub, and views of the garden and sky. On one side of the exterior room is a double-height living room; an extension of the second-floor deck projects into this space as a theatrical indoor balcony.

The master bedroom is on the other side, its large window breaking the symmetry of the houses rear façade. Outside, facing the rear lawn, a row of columns that support a wood pergola run parallel to the length of the house, creating a garden room that blurs the distinction between exterior and interior space. The curved, lead-coated copper roofs of the two new pavilions complement the rustic shape of the gambrel roof of the original structure.